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Sophomores thought that they had a good thing going. Parking on campus. It sounds pretty exciting. You don’t have to use the bus. You have your own mode of transportation. Unfortunuatly, that dream was short-lived. Because the permit only lasted one semester.

“Yeah, I think it is very unfair because even though juniors and seniors have licenses and they have the ability to drive on campus, it should be open to sophomores that have licenses and have the ability to drive on campus,” sophomore Morgan Lira said.

According to campus administrators, parking for sophomores is still available – just maybe in short supply.

“Uh, parking spaces are left. We are not sure how many we have left we know we have given out approximately 640 permits, which is very close to capacity,” administrator Steve Zimmerman said.

Also, this coming from campus administrators, sophomores have to do what juniors and seniors do in order to park.

“For a sophomore to park on campus they have to meet the same criteria as a junior or senior. They have to have a valid driver’s license and they have to be a named, insured driver on the vehicle if they want to drive to school. They must fill out an application and the fee is $30,” Zimmerman added.

This Monday the front office started re-releasing the already given out permits to those that already had one in the first semester and to those sophomores that applied for one.

“We had to reissue them for the sophomores. We gave them out for the first semester only, because we knew we had space available based on juniors and seniors who have not already applied. That number grows as the year goes on,” Zimmerman added.

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