TAKS in review

by Kelsey Eidson | Staff Writer

For years, students have been dismissive of the annual standardized TAKS test.

“I don’t blow off the TAKS but I don’t take it very seriously,” junior Cameron Wicks said.

Previously, students have been under the impression that colleges usually disregard such standardized tests. Yet, some college boards are now debating whether to consider TAKS scores as a factor in college admissions.

“There are certain colleges that are looking at TAKS more,” Chemistry teacher Robert Westhoefer said. “Not really to see so much like they do with SAT scores – to see performance – but more along the terms if you’re taking it seriously or not. There’s now this understanding that some students just don’t do as well on TAKS because it’s TAKS and they know they just need to pass and that’s it.”

Still, some students remain unconcerned.

“I think it’s stupid to standardize the expected knowledge of a student,” Wicks said.

Colleges aren’t so much looking for a perfect score; rather, they are using it as an indicator of personal character.

“More and more colleges are looking at the scores to see where your heart is and where your work ethic is,” Westhoefer said. “We have to work on and reach those students who don’t care, and more importantly, make them want to take it seriously and realize it can have an effect on them.”

The exit level English-Language Arts test is set for March 1.  All other TAKS tests will be administered the last week of April.

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