New homework policy overwhelms students

by Eduardo Calderon | Staff Writer

With the new homework policy in effect, school nights are getting a little bit busier for students.

“Teachers are giving homework everyday, but not as much [work per page],” CIC representative Mrs. Arnold said.

However, some items remained the same from the old policy.

“It still goes by the same testing calender, even and odd days, but now teachers can give homework when they feel it’s necessary,” Arnold said.

Despite the excess homework, students are gaining extra practice to excel in their subjects.

“If it’s meaningful homework, then it will help students succeed in the class,” Arnold said.

Likewise, homework is very important for preparing for any class.

“By practicing homework, students will be better prepared for an assessment,” Arnold said.

Even though homework has the potential to be very beneficial, it may also damage a student’s average.

“If they don’t do their homework, then it hurts their grade,” sophomore Melissa Brady said.

With a possibility of having homework each night from each class can pose a threat to the mindset of some students.

“If it’s an overload amount, it could easily stress students out, and they really won’t learn anything from it,” Brady said.

Even with such possibilities, homework proves to be a great review for class work, quizzes and tests.

“Homework could help students understand the lesson, and answer any questions that they need answered,” Brady said.

Although homework is given to aid you in your studies, some students have already formed their own opinion.

“It  doesn’t make a difference in [the new policy] because most teachers don’t abide by it anyways,” junior Maximilian Salmeron said.

Other students see the changes as a benefit.

“It’s good in a way because then kids can seriously do their homework,” Brady said. “But also teachers can go out of hand with assigning homework.”

With extra work each night, the severity for some students is unbearable, and leads to a lesser work ethic during class time.

“Some students, especially in extracurricular activities, will have a lack of sleep each night which affects them in all activities,” Arnold said.

Participating in daily homework may seem tedious, but inevitably prepares you for the upcoming assignments.

“It counts for a grade, if they understand it then there’s a possibility to understand the lesson,” Brady said. “When the test comes they are fully prepared.”

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