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On Tuesday, the Lady Jags basketball team played their final game of the season against the Churchill Chargers. Last time they played them, they lost with the final score being 53-32. This game they are looking back are figuring out what they need to do, by recognizing their faults and trying their best to come out with a win.

“We started out strong [last game], yet the momentum switched around at half-time and we lost control of the game,” sophomore Alexis Torres said.

The reason did not seem to be because less skill, but more around the team working together.

“There was a lack of communication with the team and the coaches that we need to improve on,” sophomore Brie Foresman said.

The team was strong in the first quarter, but fell behind and the Chargers got the lead in the second quarter.

“There were a lot of reasons we lost, we need to communicate more, play harder, look for teammates, control the boards, and end with gusto,” Coach Audra Bredemeyer said.

The girls were determined to come out with a win.

“I’m going to do everything with the best of my ability,” junior Bailey Ulrich said.

Starting out the game head to head in the first quarter, the Chargers got ahead at halftime 18-24.  They battled the second half but struggled to make strong passes through the tough defense and were not able to get up many shots. The Lady Jags fell to the Lady Chargers 36-53, but are not bitter about their loss.

“I thought we came together as a team and played to the best of their ability,” Ulrich said.

This season was indeed the best season for the Lady Jag basketball team ever.

“We ended it good because we are the first team in Johnson history that won 4 district games,” senior Sabriya Goldstone said.

This was the final game for the senior girls, and they leave with no regrets.

“I think we ended the season on a good note,” senior Katelyn Stewart said, adding,”  There were some rough patches of this season but at the end we played really hard and came together as a team. It was a great ending to my senior year.”

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