Latin Club competes at Area

by Madeline Kempf | Staff Writer

On Saturday February 5, Johnson’s Latin Club competed at the Area B competition at Alamo Heights High School and came home with 4th place. Over thirty schools competed, including Reagan, Antonian College Preparatory, St. Anthony’s, and Churchill. Contest areas included Latin derivatives, mythology, ancient geography, Roman history, and Greek derivatives. Lawrence Morrell, Latin teacher and club sponsor, was extremely proud of his group which had 16 students place.

“At the beginning we just weren’t sure how we were going to do. We didn’t do quite as well as last year but the competition was stronger because of the bad weather. Many teams came from the purple division down to the gold division, which is the second division. Our section was more competitive. So we were pleasantly suprised; we won so many prizes!” Morrell said. Students were recognized in the following categories:

1st: Gaby Parker, vocab

Kyle Correa, Latin literature

2nd: Matt Koch, Greek history

Tiffany Wong, Roman life

Isaac Batt, Ancient geography

3rd: Elyssa Winch, Mythology

4th: Alyce Doyle, Latin derivatives

Josh Parker, Reading composition

5th: Brooke Nowakowski, Latin derivatives

6th: Andrew Boyer, Ancient geography

7th: Sophie Briones, Roman life

Trevor Colwell, Greek derivatives

8th: Aaron Hong, mottoes

9th: Mitchell Nowakowski, Latin derivatives

10th: Francesca Ramos, Greek derivatives

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