King of speed

by Travis Haese | Staff Writer

There are some great physically talented people in this world and Johnson’s own Jacob Lady-Schreiber is one of them. For Jacob, his talent is speed, and a lot of it. As a sophomore, Lady-Schreiber won the 100 meter dash in the regional track meet, and got sixth place in the state track meet finals. Many talented seniors are unable to even accomplish that feat. Being as fast as Lady-Schrieber means having serious competition on the track.

“I’v got Desmond Moses from Madison, he runs on my club team and he’s always right there with me in everything I run,” Lady-Schreiber said. “Jerell Banks from Churchill is competition from last year and he’s getting strong in the 200 and 400- I always have to look out for him. There’s Jonathan Turner from Corpus Christi, but there’s always somebody you have to look out for.”

A new season can bring new goals for competitors anywhere from breaking an old personal record in a race, or to out run another contestant. Lady-Schreiber holds both of Johnson’s 100 and 200 meter records.

“I would like to break sub 10.55 [seconds] in the 100 [meters] and 21.8 in the 200, and maybe even a 52 in the 400,” Lady-Schreiber said. “Most importantly I’d like to be state champion in the one hundred meters.”

Being able to succeed as much as Jacob has doesn’t mean the coach hasn’t been there right next to him the whole way. Coach Mike Dutson has been coaching Jacob for the past two years and has helped him become a better athlete.

“Jacob Lady-Schreiber is definitely a gifted young man when it comes to sprints,” Dutson said. “He has put a lot of hard work in to get to the point that he is at now.”

Lady-Schreiber will no doubt continue his high school track career into the college level where there are many more opportunities for him to choose from, considering the mass amount of talent at such a young age.

“Arizona State is looking promising, I’d like to maybe go to Tennessee,” Lady Schreiber said. “Texas State wants me to come up and check out the campus and maybe talk about an offer. So I still haven’t made a prediction of where I really want to go yet.”

Now that the new season is finally here and the first meet is approaching at the end February, spectators will most likely get to see something bigger than they had expected from Lady-Schreiber. Coach Dutson has very high hopes for his runner and is ready to see him make his best appearance yet.

“I don’t think anybody has seen the best that Jacob has run yet,” Dutson said. “He opened some eyes last year, so this year he’s really going to turn some heads.”

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