The sporty boy style of this spring

Nick Casarez shows off his fashionable blue v-neck and matching Vans

by Melissa Smith | Staff Writer

Senior Trenton Blanchette and sophomore Nick Casarez seem to be very stylish with no effort whatsoever. Having no concern on what to wear, they dress so dashing you would think that they actually put some thought into it. These young gentlemen show that the key to being a stylish boy all relies on matching pretty much everything. Easy, right? All they do is wake up, throw on some clothes that seem to match, and rock it with confidence.

Q: You have a very sporty, casual, yet fashionable style, how do you do it?

TB: Alright, well I don’t know. I just wear what’s comfy. I pick out a shirt in the morning and match everything around that.

NC: Well I make the fashionable style masculine because of the way I carry myself and confidence.

Q: Describe your everyday attire.

TB: I wake up in the morning and I feel like P. Diddy and I think of what he would wear and I put on that.

NC: My everyday attire is v-necks and jeans or slacks.

Q: Preferred brands?

TB: Hurley, Under Armor, or JOHNSON BRAND!

NC: Mossimo, Hollister jeans or shorts, and Vans.

Q:  What would you name your style?

TB: Fre$h2Death.

NC: Laid back preppy.

Q: What’s up with you and having to match everything, all the way down to your boxers?

NC: Well I am a bit OCD with my clothes. It helps that my passion IS fashion.

Q: Anything you’d like to add?

TB: If you’re walking down the hallways and see a guy and go “Oh, he looks good,” its probably me.

NC: My goal is to win best dressed senior year (not really).

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