Prom 2011: a black tie affair

by Travis Haese | Staff Writer

Prom is just a couple of weeks away and many students are wondering what the details of the dance are. Sold next to the school store during all lunches, prom bids are $45 for singles and $80 for couples. The event is centered on the James Bond 007 theme and will be held at the J. W. Marriott on TPC Parkway, close to the school. Even though dress code is a ‘black tie affair,’ guys are not required to wear black ties.

“Students can still match their dates’ dresses but are not going to be kicked out for not wearing a black tie,” English II teacher Peggy Williams said. “Even if a guy wears blue jeans,they will feel very awkward, but we will not boot them out.”

During the homecoming dance, there was a chocolate fountain and lots of candy and small finger foods. At prom students will, once again, enjoy finger food and many different pastries.

“We have a world-renowned pastry chef who is creating many different goodies that will be  available to students,” Williams said.

There will be a DJ and some students are able to request songs.

“Because it technically is senior prom, only seniors will be able to request songs,” Williams said.

She is confident that students will enjoy their prom.

“Students will be very surprised and happy about what they find at the dance.”

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