By Madeline Kempf | Staff Writer

Facebook. We all have one, and whether we use it or not, it’s an object in a constant state of flux. The ever-shifting layouts and new applications are an integral part of the site experience. Joining the echelons of change is the new and popular Polls link.

Now you can create a poll for anyone in your realm of influence to vote upon. Placed next to the status box on the home page, users are given the convenient and tempting chance to ask the public whether Miley Cyrus has finally lost it or if Rise Against’s new album is as good as the previous one.

As pointless as it may seem, the app can actually be taken into good use. Rather than ask whether you should go to prom or not, ask around on what prom (or even homecoming) theme should be pursued next year. As it is based solely on opinion, the benefit of understanding what people think of a particular subject is of inherent value.

The new polls can now have as many answer options as the user is willing to type out. You can compare “The fat guy from Lilo and Stitch” and the “The Democratic Party” to your heart’s content. Once posted, friends of friends can see the post, eventually diffusing your query throughout the entire Facebook community.

So now you can A) create a poll to understand others opinions, B) combat boredom by starting a debate on what you constitutes the perfect breakfast, or C) find out which celebrity has the cutest foreign pet. After all: the answers are only a click away.

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Madeline Kempf is a junior at Johnson High School. This is her second year as a staff writer for The Pride. She spends her social life spinning with the CTJ Colorguard and Winterguard, and smiles way too much. She's always got a cross on her necklace and should probably be doing the next APUSH chapter review.

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