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Several students have decided to opt out of attending prom and are examining other options instead.

“Prom is expensive, so I’d rather go see All Time Low. Prom is 45 dollars for one person and the tickets for the concert were only 40. Also, I don’t have to go and buy a dress and make costly dinner plans for the occasion,” junior Lauren Arsena said.

Another fan of the band is choosing to attend the concert instead of prom because she has decided that prom can wait another year.

“I haven’t seen All Time Low since Halloween. I’m a junior, so I have the chance to go to prom next year. So I would rather go see All Time Low, Yellowcard and The Summer Set,” junior Kaitlin Brandt said.

Concerts aren’t the only alternative to prom.

“I’m going to see a movie with my friend Ashley and go play LaserQuest,” junior Amanda Jones said.

People without dates are not the only ones to reject prom.

“I’m probably going to be with my boyfriend because he’s anti-prom. He’s not the type of person to waste money on a dance when you can go to the clubs,” junior Victoria Rivera said.

Here are some alternatives for those who do not want to go to prom but don’t have any other events in mind:

– The All Time Low Concert

– The bowling alley

– LaserQuest

– The movie theater

– Aspen Leaf frozen yogurt

– The iHop restaurant

– Alance (latino concert tour)

– The pool

– Six Flags Fiesta Texas

– Texas Stars v. Oklahoma City Barons hockey game

– San Antonio Symphony at the Majestic Theatre

– Silver Spurs v. Utah Jazz basketball game

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