Hey Sam’s! Here’s something for your walls

by Emily Moore | Staff Writer

On the corner of Broadway and Grayson street sits the cheerfully abnormal spot known  to the public as Sam’s Burger Joint. I recently discovered this establishment during a failed attempt to find another restaurant, and instead of driving around the downtown area for another twenty minutes, we decided to try this place out. Best decision I made all weekend. The first thing you notice at walking in the door is the expansive collection of license plates on the ceiling, and a remarkable array of diverse music posters on the opposing wall.

But what is a burger joint without its namesake? Sam’s burgers are exactly what you’d expect from a place that refers to itself as a “joint”; big, greasy, and full of flavor. Even better- there are nine mouth-watering varieties to choose from. Now, the burgers aren’t the only thing bringing the flavor. The fries are also a worthwhile contender. They are perfectly soft and salty, and they even stay warm after your burger is gone!

While the food is top-notch, the staff seems a little less than amused at the crowd. My recommendation: go in expecting great food and alright service.

With an outdoor patio, music hall, and eclectically decorated inside seating, Sam’s is just the place to spend the weekend; so find a place to park, and pass the ketchup.

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