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Not all Johnson athletes are out on the football field or in the gym; many individuals on campus have found other meaningful ways to get recreational. Sophomore Erik Smith is one to take his athletic pursuits outside of the school arena. He has practiced karate for four years, and plans to continue it in college. For him, it is a hobby and an effective way to meet new people.

“You find so many different types of people there, different personalities. It’s fun when you’re teaching them, because you find out what everyone’s good at. You find a whole bunch of different things they can do,” he said.

He has learned much about his peers through karate.

“One of the things is, just because someone doesn’t look strong or doesn’t look like they can fight, don’t underestimate anyone. That’s probably the main thing I’ve learned. Also, just don’t give up on anything. If you set your mind to it, you can do it,” Smith said.

The sport has also taught him discipline.

“[Karate has] allowed me to focus more. I don’t play around as much; I’ve learned a lot of responsibility from it,” Smith said. “It helps me focus in school because, during karate, if you don’t focus, you’re not going to get anything done. Same thing with school.”

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