Jacob Scales feels the weight of his 7.8-pound rubber band ball

by Felicia DeInnocentiis | Staff Writer

Have you ever made a rubber ball band? Senior Jacob Scales has mastered the art, creating a massive orb that has caught the attention of students and faculty alike.

When did you start this project?

“I started it on the Monday (March 7, 2011) before Spring Break started.”

How did  you get the idea for this project?

“I had my friend Travis Cole actually get it started up for me to the size of a golf ball. And then after that, we continued it.”

How many rubber bands do you estimate are in there?

“I have not actually kept track, but if I were to guess, probably somewhere around 4500 [rubber bands].”

How much do you think it weighs?

“I actually got it weighed yesterday and it weighs a total of 7.8 pounds.”

What reactions do you receive when you bring the ball out?

“Well, usually they are shocked, but I also carry this list around and it has the names of every friend, family member, student, or teacher that donated a rubber band to the ball. At the end of the year, I plan to donate it to the school along with the list. I actually got Mr. Mehlbrech’s permission to put it in the art center display case.”

How did you draw Mr. Mehlbrech’s attention to your project?

“I actually caught him in the hallway once one day during lunch. I showed him the ball, told him my idea, and he just went along with it and he also donated a rubber band himself. Surprisingly, that was the hardest one to get on.”

Do you have a name for your project?

“I kept thinking that if I am to put it in this art display case, I have to give it a name. So I have a lot of ideas floating around in my head. For now, I’m thinking of calling it “The Jag-Ball.””

When will the ball be complete?

“I will officially stop adding rubber bands the day before Finals start, and then I will donate it to the school the day before Finals.”

Will you ever do a similar project like this in the future?

“I heard the longest [the faculty] can keep it on display is for about a year or so. So, I might come pick it up after that year and keep adding on to it.”

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