Girls to play game of powderpuff football

by Madelyn Carter| Staff Writer

A long awaited event will step onto the Johnson scene next week; an event that promises hilarity and dares to overcome adversity and stereotypes. The first juniors vs seniors girls powderpuff football game will take place on May 14.
“I’m really excited to beat up on the seniors for once,” junior Bridget Gleason said.
The senior class officers are planning and organizing this new tradition.
“We didn’t have senior field day during TAKS week, so we thought we would want to do something fun that Johnson’s never done before,” senior class Vice President Kelsey Clark said.
Though only girls are allowed to play, junior and senior boys will not be left out. They have the opportunity to be cheerleaders and coaches for the team.
“I will be the head coach for the senior girls, along with Matt Matos and Tyler Thrash,” senior Zach Prevost said. “We’re going to have to go over a lot of the positions and the plays and how the game works. A lot of the girls that are playing, that I’ve talked to, have experience or knowledge of the game and/or have played before, so we have that going for us.”
The whole school is ready to see what the Johnson junior and senior girls are made of and how outrageous the boys will get.
“I’m just so excited because I love football and I can’t wait to do it when I’m an upperclassman next year,” sophomore Erin Orozco said.
Who’s going to win this monumental event in Johnson history?
“Seniors for sure,” Clark said. “Junior girls ain’t got nothin’ on us!”

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