Chef/owner Doug Horn serves up some serious dough

by Emily Moore | Staff Writer

In the sanctuary of a shopping center sits the authentic Dough Pizzeria Napoletana.

What makes this place so extraordinary is all the things you won’t learn by just simply eating there. For instance, to keep the Napoletana in its title, Dough has to follow eight strict guidelines that I have been led to believe were created by the Italian government. Some of these guidelines are that the pizza must be made from hand-thrown dough and must be cooked in a wood-burning oven that Dough has lovingly named “Il Coure” – heart in Italian.

The story of “Il Coure” begins in Naples, Italy where the oven was exported to travel on three ships and a semi-truck before arriving at Dough’s San Antonio location. Before the oven settled down in its final destination, all of the restaurant’s front windows had to be removed so that it would fit into the building.

Dough has claimed the title that only an elite 32 restaurants in the United States have received. This title proves that Dough is serving authentic Pizza Napoletana. Delicious Pizza Napoletana indeed.

Once you walk into Dough, you become aware of how serious everyone is about making their phrase, “Pizza Forever”, a reality. With pizza toppings ranging from panceta to leeks, and Fior di Latte to truffle oil, you know this isn’t just your neighborhood pizza joint. This is delicious. This is incredible. This is quite possibly the best pizza you’ve ever had, and then you realize that you haven’t said a word the entire time you’ve been eating. After you finish the first slice, you look up, wipe the homemade mozzarella off of your chin, smile, and ask for another. I’m serious, it’s that good.

But that’s not even all they have to offer.

Of course you’re going to order pizza, but don’t make that the only thing you eat. I strongly suggest that you try the rollatini, a rolled-up creation of mozzarella and, depending on which one you order, other scrumptious ingredients.  They are perfection in spherical form. Yum.

I know its not exactly “around the corner” but it’s definitely worth the drive. Just make sure you show up before the mozzarella runs out.

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