A nice smoothie on a hot San Antonio day.

by Eduardo Calderon | Staff Writer

Texas summers are notorious for dry and humid conditions, so many people are accustomed to relaxing with a refreshing drink.

“They cool you down and fill you up,” sophomore Ryan Stone said.

Smoothies come in a variety of flavors.

“[My favorite flavor] is strawberry and watermelon, pretty much any fruit flavor,” junior Orvil Venturia said. “Smoothies -it’s just the flavor and ice, the way it melts in your mouth; it’s awesome, it’s exotic.”

There are many places that sell smoothies.

“There’s Jamba Juice, Sonic, Smoothies Extreme Nutrition,” sophomore Tyler Stiff said. “Pretty much any fast food place has them. Sonic has Happy Hour so all the drinks are cheaper.”

People can even make their own delicious drinks at home in their kitchens.

“Despite all the Jamba Juice hype, I honestly think the best smoothies are my mommy’s homemade ones,” junior Maximilian Salmeron said.

Visit these locations to get smoothies:

Smoothies Extreme Nutrition

18402 Us Highway 281, San Antonio, TX 78259-7605

210 -404-9996 | Hours: 8:00 am – 10:00 pm

Jamba Juice

22602 US 281 North Suite 111, San Antonio, TX 78259

210-481-9459 | Mon-Sun: call store for hours


3035 TPC Parkway, San Antonio, TX 78259

210-481-2786 | Hours: 6 am – midnight

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About The Author

Eduardo Calderon is a senior at Johnson High School. This is his third year as a member of the Pride, and his first year as the Pride's news editor. He enjoys the journalism field and the photography aspect as well. In his final year, he hopes to end on a good note with Johnson's student newspaper.

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  1. Lia Allen

    I think this is a good story letting people know where they can find great smoothies. I’m one of those people that loves a smoothie no matter what the weather is, so I think it’s great that they listed all the great places people can go: ) Personally though I think the best smoothies are the ones you make at home , but for the people that don’t have the time it’s great you posted the best places they could check out. So thanks for letting us know what’s going on in the smoothie world !


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