Summer style on a budget

By Melissa Smith | Staff Writer

Floral patterns are in this summer, find then cheap in stores like Plato's Closet, The Garment Exchange, and Forever 21.

It’s the middle of summer, and in stores everywhere there are new styles and fashions being displayed in the windows; a totally fresh selection. You’re longing for the cute     floral halters and skirts and strappy sandals, but are absolutely broke. As you grumble in frustration, remember that all you need is $20 to satisfy your shopping crave.  Don’t forget the barely-old clothes that are discounted at the advent of summer; they’re still there, and on sale.The trusty resale shop is not to be forgotten either. Sophomores Courtney Scogin and Becca Griffith give advice on how to be fashionable in the summer without spending every penny.

“The sales are usually in mid-July, and Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe always have good sales.” Scogin said, with Griffith adding, “Nordstroms Rack is my new favorite store! Everything is like on sale-it’s amazing. Also, I like to go to Pac Sun, because they have great sales on swimsuits and stuff.”

There are other great places to get all sorts of bikinis.

“Target usually has a 30%-off section on swimsuits. You can mix and match!” Scogin said.

To perfect an outfit, matching accessories and shoes are a necessity.

“They have cute shoes for cheap at Urban all the time; nice and floral,” Griffith said.

To get extra cash, sell old-but still in shape-clothes to stores like The Garment Exchange and Plato’s Closet. At the Garment Exchange, your clothes-if approved- will be sold in the store, and once they are sold, you receive half of the profit. Plato’s Closet will buy them on the spot, but the girls have learned patience is a virtue when it comes to consignment.

“I have an account at The Garment Exchange, and I love it. I sell all of my clothes there, and have probably made much over $100. I tried Plato’s Closet, but they didn’t give me as much money and didn’t accept a lot of my clothes,” Griffith said.

Scogin agrees with Griffith, and has also set up and account at The Garment Exchange.

“I’ve made quite a lot already there, and everything that they don’t take they give to charity, which is really good.”

Both The Garment Exchange and Plato’s Closet are great for buying cute, inexpensive items.

“I have bought a lot of designer clothes from the Garment Exchange. They have True Religion jeans and Juicy brands-a lot of designer,” sophomore Riley Caskey said. Scogin agrees, but adds, “I also like Plato’s Closet: they do have a lot of cute clothes for teens, for a fraction of the original price.”

Accounts are simple to set up at either stores- just walk in with a handful of clothes you don’t care for anymore, and pick up the money when called.

“It’s super easy; just give them your email address and cell phone number and they will email you when you’re ready to pick up your clothes,” Caskey said.

Stores like Victoria’s Secret, American Eagle, and other teen stores always offer sale racks. If you strive to find the best deals and best items, go on a Monday. Most stores rearrange their stores on Sunday night with new items at the front and old material in the sale area. Also, don’t forget coupons-they can help a lot.

“I work at Victoria’s Secret, and we mail coupons to customers all the time. Some offer like 50%,whereas others offer free stuff. Honestly, its a great deal,” Corinne Smith, for Victoria’s Secret on TPC, said.

So, to be stylin’ and fresh all summer long without going broke, take this advice. You’ll be good to go.

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