Hot spots you need to hit over the break

By Natalie Allen | Staff Writer

The White Rabbit

One place I highly suggest visiting once in your youthful life is this music venue. It’s located on St. Mary’s street, between downtown S.A. and our Northside community. Basically, it’s a little, eclectic source of live music. You can get to know your local bands and see your favorite ones when they tour through. A small entry fee is required, but once you’re in, it’s hard to leave. There’s a little pizza parlor with amazing food and- thankfully- air conditioning. I suggest you travel there with companions, though, considering the area of town it is located in. The White Rabbit puts up band lists and dates on their online website.

Take a gander at the jams.

The Guadalupe State Park

A small portion of the Guadalupe river.

If you’re not into crowded events and the racket of noisy strangers, you may want to consider a little camping trip. The Guadalupe State Park is right on the edge of San Antonio in Spring Branch. It’s about a 20 minute drive from the school, tops. The river is open to swimming, kayaking, and fishing. It is shallow and easy to walk through because of the smooth current. The camping facilities provide bathrooms for your use while staying there. You can take a camper full of family members or a tent for  you and your friends. You will be asked to buy a pass to stay at the park overnight, but if you specify that you are only staying for the day, it is a mere $7 per person. Considering the affordable price, the favorable weather, and the potential to do something new, this activity seems like a deal.

Appease the trees.

The San Antonio Zoo

Maybe you don’t want to become one with the wilderness. A way to experience exotic wildlife without sleeping in its domicile is to go to the zoo. The San Antonio Zoo doesn’t close for rain or any weather conditions. It’s open 365 days a year, from 9AM to 5PM. The parking is free, the exhibit showings are free, but admission is $10.75. There are several exhibits to take delight in watching while in this animal wonderland. Check out the animal selection and park rules at the website.

Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my.

The Magic Time Machine

Perhaps the thing you’re looking for is just a night of eating with Jack Sparrow while being served by Elle Woods. The Magic Time Machine offers a plethora of movie star look-alikes to liven up your dining experience with memorable quotes from your favorite movies. The characters will get you involved in playful banter, as you discuss their everyday lives as inhabitants of such stories as Alice in Wonderland or Peter Pan. The food is good, but it’s quite pricey if you aren’t looking to spend too much money on a meal. The location is off of NE Loop 410; check out the website for more info.

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