EOC replaces TAKS for freshmen

Freshmen core classes will start taking end-of-course exams this school year instead of the TAKS.

by Darius Davila|staff writer

The 2011-2012 school year marks the end of TAKS testing for freshman and the beginning of End-Of-Course Exam(or EOC) test taking. For those who do not know, freshmen are no longer required to take the TAKS test , but will take the EOC in its place. However, some students may not see eye to eye about the EOC.

“I don’t really like the idea of the EOC replacing the TAKS this year, because it is longer and timed,” freshman Griffin Bates said. “But I think the reason why we have to take it now is because people weren’t going into college well enough prepared”.

Some students see the EOC as a better tool for yearly testing than the TAKS.

“The EOC is a better way to test students on their knowledge for the year,” said freshman Reagan Anders.

Although the EOC is supposed to be a tool for testing a student’s knowledge of the school year, the EOC might sound scary to students who are used to taking the yearly TAKS test.

“The EOC is geared more toward college readiness. It holds students accountable for learning their subjects, as opposed to just memorizing information”,  said freshman biology teacher Valerie Vasquez. “However, it may be scary for the kids, but hopefully we as teachers can relieve some of their fears”.

Despite the fears of taking a new test some students are ready to try the EOC.

“I feel like it may be easier because the EOC shows more of what you’ve learned this year”, said freshman Breann Largent.

However, freshmen teachers seem to be  on the same page about why the EOC is important and what needs to be done in preparation for it.

“I think it will definitely be harder”, said freshmen World Geography teacher Justin Felux “It is a more rigorous test and kids will have to take it more seriously. I like the EOC because its over what they learn that year. I think their trying to make school more like college, its for college preparation so it will require more reviewing of material that students have learned that year.”


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