‘Blink’ and ‘breathe’ lead September releases

By Kaitlin Brandt | Staff Writer

Blink 182 is back with their new album, “Neighborhoods”, scheduled for a September 27 release . After the bands break up, this will be their first album in eight years. The single “Up All Night” was recently released, and fans aren’t really sure of their feelings towards the bands new sound.

“What I am hoping to hear on the new album is the same old Blink 182, just like everyone else who has grown up listening to them. I’m hoping to still be able to connect and relate to their new music. But overall, I’m hoping they won’t change their style from their original stuff,” senior Brandon Reveles said.

Blink 182 have accomplished a lot over the years. Earlier albums were extremely successful right off the bat. When Enema of the State first hit stores, it sold more than 350,000 copies in the first week. Those out to pick up “Neighborhoods” will have two options: the standard or the deluxe edition. The standard includes 10 tracks, while the deluxe will offer an additional 3 bonus tracks.

While you’re waiting for Blink’s latest, give some lesser-known tracks a chance. Needtobreathe, an alternative Christian group, has proven itself a rising force in the music world as of late. Band member Seth actually earned a degree in record engineering, and recorded a couple of EPs for the band in earlier days. One of which sold over 15,000 copies in 2006. After that astounding debut, Needtobreathe has been on tour for two years straight, and is finally coming out with their new album “The Reckoning”. For fans of alternative, its intriguing fusion of bluegrass and rock will be a great palate-cleanser in anticipation of Blink’s fast-approaching installment.


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