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It seems like everyone in the world has a Twitter account or a Facebook page. But if you’d rather read Vogue than spend countless hours looking at updates of your friend’s daily lives, there’s a social networking site for you as well. makes choosing clothes very easy. Picking the color of the piece you would like helps take away the tedium of scrolling through continuous photos of attire you’re not interested in.

All the user needs to do is type in a key word that matches their sought-after color and style.

Once an article of clothing has been chosen, it can be dragged to a provided outfit page that aggregates your selections.

When your outfit is complete, you can publish your masterpiece to be seen by other viewers.

There are options and items from virtually every retailer, and the website includes prices of each part of the ensemble to provide a clear-cut bottom line.

Polyvore allows other members to follow your page and keep up with the fashion statements you publish.

Clicking the ‘follow’ button allows the public to receive a notification each time you update your blog, create a new outfit, or even log on.

This is a new social networking website for clothes; for all the true fashionistas, who want to share their style with the world.


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