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The latest sitcom “The New Girl” aired it’s pilot yesterday, (playing on FOX proceding Glee at 8 o clock), and is simply a quirky little ball of fun. It starts off with the main character, Jess Day, (played by Zooey Deschanel) on the phone with her best friend, Cece (Hannah Simone), in the backseat of a cab coming up with stripper names to impress her boyfriend with, for she plans to surprise him with, well, a more adult way of entertainment that isn’t exactly appropiate. But you know, you get what I mean.
This tiny surprise comes about to be a failure, for when she is in the middle of her little show, she discovers that her boyfriend was just in the bedroom with another woman; obviously cheating on her.  This is where the plot line of the show begins.
Desperate for an apartment away from her sleezy ex, she gets interviewed by three single men for their new opening in their apartment. The boys are Coach (Damon Wayans Jr.),  a personal trainer who insists on yelling a lot, the other, Schmit (Max Greenfield), a wanna-be womanizer, and lastly Nick (Jake Johnson), the man who had just gotten his heart broken about 6 months ago. They choose to let her live in their bachelor pad, the deciding point being that a lot of her friends are models (oh, and that she smells good).
I’d like to add that everytime one of the guys does something a tad too toolish in the middle of the interview, they have a “D-BAG” jar to put money in. I found it amusing.
Anyways, Jess is a complete trainwreck because she has yet to recieve closure from her previous break up, and she constantly watches “Dirty Dancing” like, six times day. This of course drives the men insane, so their first iniative is to help the girl out by finding her a rebound. Long story short, she started off awkward and clueless and ended being awkward and clueless and got stood up on her first night back on the prowl.
The men find out that this happened and instantly went to “save” her. This action was first taken up by the “I can’t get over my ex and move on so I’m just going to wallow in my sadness and drunk dial her all the flipping time” dude, who has suddenly become smitten by the new girl.
Adorable. Can you see a new romance about to blossom? Or is that too obvious..
So as the trio comes into the fancy restaurant  from a themed party dressed up as cowboys and indians, and sing to her the song that every girl wants to hear: “Time of My Life”, from the most romantic scene in “Dirty Dancing”. Awh, how precious.
So, it is predictable that they are going to be one big, disfunctional family with the romance between Deschanel’s character and Johnson’s character, which could become awkward.
I enjoyed the premiere and plan on catching the rest of the season, but to be honest I probably wouldn’t watch it if it weren’t for my girl Zooey. She pretty much makes the show, if it weren’t for her it would just be mediocre with a cliche and predictable story line and a couple of corny jokes. Don’t get me wrong though-it sure had its moments, but I hope that the “New Girl” doesn’t become the “old” girl too soon.
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