Students Get Ready for the SAT

by Nicholas Casarez|Staff Writer

The SAT/ACT are right around the corner and preparations are starting up. The SAT itself racks up a $49 fee ($75 if late) according to the SAT College Board website and the ACT is $49.50. A good score will do wonders for a students future, it just depends on the willingness and dedication has. Students are already working hard to get ready for the test doing anything from online courses to receiving lessons with other students in a classroom environment.

“I’m taking a course at Trinity; they’re three hour classes four days a week,”  senior Lauren Arsena said.

Lauren’s prep isn’t the usual however. Most SAT preps will give you practice problems to get an idea of what they’ll be like when taking the test, but not this one.

“These classes are a lot more about teaching us how to study. It has helped me to figure out what I have to do to prepare myself,” Arsena said.

SAT classes aren’t cheap, however. Online courses right now are at a price of around $500 from Kaplan Test Prep and $169 from Princeton Review. They do sport a hefty receipt, but it’ll be worth the money.

“I think I am getting my money’s worth with my prep classes because they’ll end up paying for themselves in the long run,” Arsena said.

Johnson also held an “SAT Blitz” this past weekend. It was a class held on Saturday and was offered, for free, to the top scorers on last year’s PSAT.

“I think the class definitely helped the kids out. We offered them strategies and helped them with vocabulary,” Gabriel Oviedo said. Oviedo was the head of the “SAT Blitz” class.

Students have to prepare for everything because anything could be on the test.

“The material is always changing so you have to study even more to make sure you’re ready,” Arsena said.


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