Hot Links: Ten clicks away from a memorable date

by Molly Brodhacker| Staff Writer

Whether it’s a first date that needs to leave an impression, or maybe an anniversary, these ten links will help you make the most of your evening out!, fashion site.

Looking your best is an essential part of the perfect date. If you have confidence in your appearance, it will impress your lucky counterpart. Lookbook is a fashion site defined as “collective fashion consciousness.” Basically, people take a picture of their cute outfit and post it to share with the world. A majority of these fashions are foreign so you can floor your date with a worldly style.

Tower of the Americas, tourist destination.

Give your date a view of the city lights atop this 750-foot tall tower in downtown San Antonio. If you’re willing to throw some dough, make reservations at the Chart House restaurant on top of the tower, and bring your wallet. For a cheaper and equally- charming solution, pack a picnic for Hemisfair park where the tower is located, then go to the observation deck for only $10.95. Coupons and maps are available online.

Fandango, movie tickets.

Nobody wants to go overboard for the first date, and going to a movie is a safe classic. Fandango lets you watch full theatrical trailers of upcoming movies, before you decide you can find times and buy tickets. For big releases Fandango is key for getting tickets before they sell out.

Urbanspoon, food finder.

It is said that food is a way to the heart, and if you find this true, definitely look up urbanspoon on your computer or get the smart phone app. Type in your city and add specificantions such as price, ethnicity, or neighborhood. The site will give you the price range and reviews so you don’t run the risk of picking a place with bad service, or sub-par cuisine

Yellow Rose Carriages, horse carriage rides.

Looking to do something special for a little extra money l? In the LaVillita and Riverwalk area of San Antonio the Yellow Rose Carriage company offers charming horse drawn tours. These excursions are a little pricy, so you might want to save this for a special occasion. The website specifies the horses that pull each carriage, and let you see the different programs available. Also, you can specify for the carriage to meet you in one of their destinations.

Guadeloupe River Livery, river activities.

Having an outdoor active date is sure to leave a lasting memory, and be super fun at the same time. Guadeloupe River Livery has lots of activities from canoeing, to kayaking and camping. By going to the website first you can print coupons to take with you to the river for a better deal, although the prices are already super reasonable.

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, safari excursion.

If you’re looking to get a taste of the wild without leaving good old San Antonio, hit up the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch website. By going to the website you can print vouchers and look at information on the animals that you will see beforehand, because a tour booklet of animals at the ranch will find you $5 shorter.

Edible Arrangements, food delivery.

Making someones day is as simple as sending someone a bunch of flowers. But, what could be better than something that looks like flowers but is actually edible? With super flexible same day delivery and deliciously beautiful products, these arrangements would be a great way to ask someone to prom, or add a surprise opening to a date.

Name a Star Live, purchasing a real star.

In “A Walk to Remember” the cutest gift ever is given to Mandy Moore’s character; that gift being a real star in the sky. Yes, you can really give someone a star. At the “Name a Star” site, the price stands at $20. The site is legitimate; they send your star’s name into space on a real rocket, and you receive a certificate with its coordinates.

Ticketmaster, event purchasing.

When events come to the San Antonio area don’t miss out. Use Ticketmaster to purchase a pair of tickets for you and your date at a reasonable guaranteed price; before it’s sold out. Seeing a band or a theatre performance is always a memorable experience, and knowing you have tickets beforehand can only help.


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