Swift showmanship shines at local performance for dedicated fanbase.

by Madelyn Carter| Co-Editor in Chief

Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now” Tour took a stop at the AT&T Center last night, and it was far from a good concert- it was phenomenal.
David Nail started off the evening as the first opening act. Nail, a country singer whose popularity has grown rapidly in recent days, began the ripple effect of greatness for the evening. While he sang only a few songs, his belting out the chart-topping single “Let it Rain” caught the crowd on fire.
The next opening act was one of Swift’s own favorite bands, NEEDTOBREATHE. The four men waltzed on stage, flashing lights into the crowd to get a good glimpse of one of their biggest venues yet. Playing some of the songs from their freshly-released album, “The Reckoning,” (which made the iTunes top 10 list), lead singer, Bear Rinehart sang “Drive All Night” and “Keep Your Eyes Open”, as well as “Something Beautiful”,”Girl Named Tennessee”, and “Let Us Love” from their 2008 album “The Outsiders.” The band interacted with the audience and gave the crowd an inkling of how big-time this little known band is destined to be.
Then the real production began. Saying that Taylor Swift puts on a concert is not anywhere close to true, because Swift is not merely singing. The young starlet is acting, dancing, telling stories, and doing as many hair flips as possible. “Sparks Fly” was her opening; a powerhouse song that got every single audience member (from elementary schoolers to the middle-aged, girls and boys alike) on their feet. Dancers pranced around the stage for each song, which at first seemed alarming and distracting, but gradually transitioned into an accentuation of the song and storyline.
After every two songs, Swift would disappear and return with her crew in a totally different costume- and on a new stage set. Every song constituted a short story, with dancers playing the parts of the people spoken of her in lyrics. Swift showed her versatility as she pulled out a banjo for the ever-popular “Mean” and pop classic “Our Song”, the piano for a sweet rendition of “Back to December”, and, of course, the guitar for numerous songs. Swift didn’t just to her repertoire, either. Over the course of the show, she slipped into a George Strait song, and threw some Jason Mraz and OneRepublic into “Fearless” and “Back to December.”
Fireworks, glitter, and confetti were used in abundance; yet another indication that Swift really knows how to make a lasting memory for her beloved fans. At one point, she took a lap through the floor seats, grasping at hands and telling her fans that she loved them. Swift closed with “Love Story” and sent a message to San Antonio: she hopes that they’ll want her back as soon as possible. At this rate, they undoubtedly will.

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