Cool weather and cooler flicks as winter releases approach

by Ali Valdez | Staff Writer

Thanksgiving break is a time full of family traditions and spending time with the loved ones. It’s a little chilly for outdoor activities, so instead catch one of these fabulous fall films that the box office has to offer.

November 18th marks the day that vampire fanatics all over the world have been anticipating for as long as they can remember. The final movie of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn is rumored to be the most dramatic, intense, and thrilling movie of the series so far. The film will be full of firsts and action-packed vampire versus werewolf battles.

The Son Of No One is a thriller starring Channing Tatum, a cop assigned to investigate a double murder case in his hometown. When a deep secret is revealed by an anonymous source involving the case, Tatum is burdened with information that threatens to destroy his life and his family. If you’re looking for a movie full of suspense or just wanting to a see an attractive man on screen, The Son of No One hits theaters November 4th.

Adam Sandler stars in the film, “Jack and Jill,” which comes to theaters November 11. “Jack and Jill” is a comedy about an ad executive, Jack (Adam Sandler) who dreads his twin sister, Jill’s (also Adam Sandler) annual holiday visit. After a not-so-great start to Jill’s visit, Jack is forced to extend his sister’s stay through Hannakuh. Al Pacino joins the star-studded cast in a holiday romp that will bring to mind any dreaded family gathering peculiar to the holidays.

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