Out with a bang: exams to commence, conclude in December

by Darius Davila | Staff Writer

This year, students will be taking their semester exams before the winter break, as opposed to the typical delay of exams until January.

“This year, exams will be taken before Christmas break, so that there will be balance in the number of days in first semester and second semester,” administrator Hensley Cone said. “Because second semester has a lot of non-instructional days, and it was very short last year, it also helps students get exams over with before the break.”

Despite the change in exam scheduling, students seem to appreciate the alterations.

“I think taking our semester exams before Christmas break is a really good idea, because then we won’t have to study during the break, giving us more time with our families and friends,” junior Melissa Brady said.

However, there is some concern about the new testing schedule affecting the nine-week grading period.

“This change in exam dates could actually hurt students, because then, during the second nine weeks, there is less instruction, so it can be harder to pick up grades in the short amount of time,” freshman Daniel Fox said.

The semester exams will begin on December 15th and continue to the last day before break.

“Exemption forms for the semester exams will be available for students after the 18th of November,” Cone said.


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