Twilight attracts women of all ages that flock to premieres.

Breaking Dawn anticipated premier, “Twihards”

Twilight attracts women of all ages that flock to premieres.

by Felicia De Innocentiis| Staff Writer

When midnight approaches the eve of November 17, the streets will be crawling with nocturnal beings, known to most as “Twihards.”  These are the eternal followers of the Twilight Saga, the popular film series with considerably mixed reviews. The midnight premier viewings have become almost ritualistic to some students.

“I’m really excited, I’ve read all the books…I’m a hopeless romantic,” senior Jordan Gray said.

Gray has viewed each past Twilight premier and will also be attending the latest. A posse of her peers and family are included in the festivities alongside her.

“I’ve gone with my friends, and then my mom and my best friend. So it’s become a tradition that we go out together and it’s so much fun,” Gray said.

Fans had to reserve tickets a week in advance for the premier, for past movies have shown to sell out at a considerably fast rate. Premier nights have a distinct reputation for being packed, loud, and filled with vampire-crazed teenaged devotees.

“In the past, especially for the first movie, anytime Edward was on the screen everyone was cheering for him and people would always dress up and wear red contacts and stuff like that and pretend to be vampires. It’s really cool especially if you don’t think it’s weird, if you can go with it,” Gray said.

The Twihards who did dare to dress up for past premiers were overwhelmed by fangirl followers. One such episode was witnessed by senior Paulina Escobar.

“At the second movie, there was this guy with a big black coat  and everyone thought he was Edward and [they] started taking pictures with him. He got really [ticked] off and he just left the movie theatre. It was really funny. [He was there] with his girlfriend, and all these girls were taking pictures of him,” Escobar said.

Breaking Dawn Part 1 is the second to last film of the franchise, the beginning of the end for a generation of women. The film has been built up to appear as an epic grand finale featuring a marriage, a battle,  and a near fatal complication for the movie’s heroine, Bella. Twihards are not upset over the saga’s farewell. Instead they feel they’ve enjoyed the ride, and the books and DVDs will always be available.

“I have [the DVDs] at home, so I get to watch them whenever,” Escobar said.

Breaking Dawn Part 1 will be released everywhere Friday, November 18. Keep your necks and pale boyfriends hidden.

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