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Christmas steals the spotlight from Thanksgiving.ditor in chief

Poor, poor Thanksgiving. It waits all year to be appreciated and loved, and just when November comes around with its colder weather, all anyone ever cares about is Christmas. Christmas songs, trees, and possible snow,(fingers crossed), all overshadow Thanksgiving and its desire for some attention.

Why is it that we skip Turkey Day? Well with Christmas brings, 2 weeks off school, coats, scarves, songs, eggnog, ham, and PRESENTS, and boy, do we all love those. What does Thanksgiving bring to the table? Well, a really nice dinner.

Thanksgiving, a day to reflect on what you’ve been blessed with and be gracious for your family and friends, is just not as appealing to us as Christmas, with its iPhones and new sweaters, (which even overshadowing its true reason as the celebration of the birth of Jesus).

So we’re selfish, we want the holiday where we get STUFF, not the holiday where we are…urg…thankful. But really, who could blame us!? Christmas carols, the thrill of Christmas morning, decorating the tree, setting up the nativity scene, searching the neighborhood for the house with the best lights, heck there’s even a Christmas Countdown on twitter! It’s just irresistible.

Yesterday, I came home, and to my delight, my mother had gotten me two Christmas CDs- one The Women of Christmas (including my girls Christina Aguilera and Kelly Clarkson) and MercyMe Christmas. I was excited, but as I respect each holiday, I told my mother that I was going to wait until Thanksgiving was over to listen to them. We had discussed our belief in appreciating each holiday multiple times before this, but when I told her of my temporary Christmas-music-abstinence, she said, “Who cares.” Never have words struck my values this hard before, (okay that was a little exaggerated). But really, if I want to start listening to Christmas music two weeks before Thanksgiving, heck, I will; Christmas is just the best.

As long as we respect Thanksgiving on its coming day, I’d say its feelings shouldn’t be too hurt. Feliz Navidad.


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Madelyn Carter is senior at Johnson High School. She is a part of the varsity soccer team, Jags for Jesus, and senior class officers. She loves Jesus, America, Kristen Wiig, and German chocolate cake. She loves being Editor-in-chief of the Pride online!

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