What comes next after acceptance

Kaitlin Brandt|Staff Writer

For seniors, the last year of high school means preparing for the next step in education: college. It’s time to move on towards a more personal career path and leave the basic education behind. The majority of high school graduates have a lot to prepare for during the transition of high school to college.

After acceptance, students prepare for their fall arrival at college.

“I’m going to the University of Minnesota. I’m going to live on campus, which I’m really excited for. I’m looking forward to living on my own. It’s something different than what I’m used to. I am kind of sad I’ll be so far from my family. I don’t know what it’ll be like without them near,” senior Hanna Hernandez

The transistion from living at home to life on campus may, at first, be overwhelming. Students will normally try and find a job closer to campus to help pay for their needs.

“I recently got accepted to LSU. I’m preparing by studying more. I want to make sure I keep my grades up, and finish my year off right. My first semester I might not get a job, only because I wanna be able to focus more on my studies. As far as living on campus, I think I’ll be okay, and by that time I’ll be more self dependent,” senior Karima Baqdounes said.

College isn’t the only option after high school. Some students are also looking forward to trying something new and hopefully one day becoming someone great. For those who aren’t quite sure of whether or not college is for them, may want to try something a little more challenging.

“Once I finish school I’m headed to the Marines. I feel like the Marines will offer me something college just can’t. And once I’m finished I have the option to go to college because of the Marines. Before I leave, I’ve been training, and working out just trying to get my body somewhat physically ready for what’s to come,” senior Oscar Cisneros said.


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