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The long- anticipated sequel to Sherlock Holmes was released in theatres on December 16. The newest film to the series released just two years after the first has already made its way to the top of the box office its opening weekend followed by another famous series sequel, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows is a film filled with high flying explosive action that took place on many occasions throughout the film. In this respect the film contains more action then the first film did.

Director Guy Ritchie did a great job in portraying the culture or the norm of living in the 1800s; this can be seen through the apparel worn by the characters, their vocabulary as well as the places they visited throughout the film.

However, the film is not all just explosions and fighting and action the amount of comic relief in the film is practically in every other scene. In this respect the film could be considered a comedic-action film.

Although the film had very impressive action sequences and slow motion fighting scenes, the lack of mystery in the film was a bit of disappointment. Along with this, the film at times could become difficult to understand at times. In this film, Sherlock Holmes comes face to face with his greatest enemy Professor Moriarty who is just as sly and intelligent as Holmes is. This sequel had little to do with the first Sherlock Holmes film, however.

“Sherlock Holmes was just amazing, the action really blew my mind and what I like about it was that if you hadn’t watched the prior film and saw Game of Shadows you wouldn’t be lost it’s like a different story with the same main characters that’s why it was really cool,” junior Bryan Miller said.

Overall Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows was a witty sequel that surpassed the standards set by the first film.

“I really enjoyed watching this movie its probably one of the best sequels I’ve seen, it didn’t disappoint,” said junior Ashley Papa


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