by Natalie Allen | Arts and Entertainment Editor

It has become a trend in America to go as far as possible to be politically correct in order no to offend. This trend surges during the winter holiday season because of religious differences amongst our peers. I think that because of this difference, we are stifling the spirit we all have when it comes to giving gifts, singing songs, and gathering around to talk about our “visits from Santa Claus.”

Over the past years, the times have changed. Authority of freedom of expression is getting stricter. Successes are less talked about because of the fear of pointing out the unsuccessful. Has America all of a sudden become more emotional about everything?

I could understand how somebody of a different faith would fear ridicule of their holiday activities, but I don’t understand why a teacher can’t wear festive clothing to celebrate personal beliefs. I remember being in second grade and receiving a  christmas present from my teacher. It was a book with a personal inscription in it from her. I also recall my class having a variety of kids of different religion. None of the kids were excluded from the presents and everyone loved them. Why is it that children can accept a gift without questioning whether or not it will conflict with religion? It’s become the elephant in the room that nobody will talk about because of the sensitivity in the room. I suggest that we all enjoy our individual holiday of choice and accept a greeting or two from people of all sorts. Whether it’s “Happy Hanukkah,” “Merry Christmas,” or “Happy Kwanzaa,”: someone is wishing you well that day.


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