Johnson wrestling team reaching for the top

by Kaitlin Brandt | Staff Writer

Johnson’s wrestling team continues to succeed with every competition they’re involved in. With this season halfway over, they work together to finish it off strong as a whole.

“This past tournament Johnson competed in we got third place all together. We were recently invited to State Duals again. Last year we got sixth place as a team which was great, hopefully we’ll do even better this week,” senior Brian Davila said happily, expressing his team’s success.

Johnson’s wrestling team is working hard to prepare themselves for their future competitions.

“As for the competition, we’ve been practicing quite a bit. Every afternoon we have practice. If not afternoon practice, we’ll have morning practice. We’re working on conditioning ourselves,” Davila said.

Brian is a primary example of the dedication and motivation of the Johnson wrestling team, even with the stress of finals.

“We’re about at the halfway point through this season right now and I feel good about where we stand. Lately, we’ve been training like crazy, just trying to ready ourselves,”  senior Tyler Smith said.

However, even with all their hard work and practice, some concerns may be surrounding the teams future, but they are staying hopeful.

“Next weekend we have our competition at Vista Ridge. We’ve been training really hard for that. Overall the season is going really well. Last year we lost nine seniors from varsity, this year we have ten. Next year it’s probably going to be rough compared to our previous years. I think were going to do very well at district,” senior Nate Steinley said.


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