By Victoria Vogler | News Editor

Crammed into the three weeks and two days between Thanksgiving and Christmas break is a battery of final exams, a deep concern for future eligibility, and an overwhelming lack of interest in becoming readjusted to the school lifestyle following the break.. I, like much of the student body, am stressed out. I cannot seem to find the time or energy to complete my multiple assignments for each AP class. I have to study for three tests (which, despite being scheduled during finals week, are not finals). I must read two books in addition to the tests while bringing up my failing math grade by eligibility week. If only I didn’t have to worry about the looming thought of finals in a week’s time, maybe I could be more successful.

NEISD shortened the first semester so students could take exams prior to the break. In the big picture, this plan was intended to cut days from winter break to let us get out at the end of May, instead of three days into June. But personally, three days at the end of the year don’t affect me as much as my much-needed winter break. As it approaches, I’m so stressed that I don’t just want more days to relax with my family- I need it.

I do like that I won’t have to worry about studying over break, since the semester will be over. But in reality, no one really studied anyway. That’s what the much-loved dead week is for. No homework, as teachers aren’t allowed to assign it, and plenty of time to get back into the swing of things before exam week hits. With this new system, teachers can cram as many tests, quizzes and assignments as they want into the couple weeks before our exam schedule begins.

My solution? The week of exams, if it does fall before break, should be a dead week. No tests, no homework, no quizzes, nothing. Just time to study for the exams at the end of the week, and to be stressed about nothing but the verdict of our midterms. The numerous assignments thrown at us over the period of two weeks are far less important to our grades than the finals, which can make or break a semester grade.

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Victoria Vogler is currently a Senior at Johnson and is the Assignments editor for The Pride. She possesses many of the musical talents of the lovely Taylor Swift, and is a wizard at both Photoshop and the lost art of widget making. She is a Social Officer on the Legacies Dance team, and wants to pursue a career in dance and/or journalism. In her free time, she enjoys playing the guitar, writing, eating, and obsessing over the dancers on So You Think You Can Dance.

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