A week without makeup

by Molly Brodhacker| Staff Writer

This week I spent $18 of my well earned paycheck on something that some may consider necessity, and some may consider petty-makeup. Powder, mascara, eyeliner, blush, eye shadow, lipstick, and foundation; the list goes on and on. For myself, I wear makeup daily, not a whole lot, but at least mascara and foundation. Otherwise I’m sure I would look like a zombie. So I decided to challenge myself, the goal is to go for a week without makeup, not even a single bit. School, work, everywhere. It makes me a little nervous thinking about not wearing makeup at all these places, but why?

Eyeshadow; an example of the make-up banned for a week.

I think the biggest aspect of not wearing makeup is just feeling uncomfortable, supposedly all of your flaws are visible. As high schoolers in the age of blemishes and scars, it’s easy to feel self-conscious around peers, and makeup is just another mask to hide behind. Lots of girls don’t wear makeup and feel perfectly fine, and I totally admire their confidence, as they don’t feel the need to cover themselves.

My main concerns are how people will view me, and if I’ll get one of those “Did you wake up late?” or “Are you feeling okay? You look a little sick,” comments.

On my first day of school with no makeup, I got the most pleasant surprise of my life- 20 extra minutes of sleep. Pushing back the clock was a positive start to my morning, and I wasn’t too worried about my day with a naked face anymore.

Arriving to first period I got my first shock of the day- nobody said anything. To my greatest excitement, people said I looked the same, which could be taken as an insult I suppose, but I took it as a compliment. I did have one person ask me if I was tired, but after explaining that I was in fact well rested and was just not wearing makeup, they apologized and said I looked fine.

I asked my mom after school if she noticed anything different about me, and she said I did, saying “You look beautiful naturally”. With that my day was made, even though she is my mom and is obligated to say something nice.

A few minutes later I asked my 14 year old brother what he thought and in the spirit of a true sibling he replied, “ Ugly as always.” That was appreciated.

The next day, I was tired and discovered probably the best thing of my little experiment- I could rub my eyes all I wanted without smearing anything, and sleep on my desk without worry.

I asked a few boys if they would care if their girlfriend decided not to wear any makeup, and the results were pretty surprising.

“I think my girlfriend looks the same with or without makeup,” senior Adam Cahpranka said.

“She looks more natural, and comfortable without it,” freshman Arturro Leboya said.

After my week, I learned a few things about makeup, myself, and how we perceive each other. While makeup may give us more confidence, and we may feel like there is a spotlight on us, but in reality, most people don’t notice. Over five days, only six people asked me why I wasn’t wearing makeup, and not in a negative way either. I have to say I don’t think I’ll stop wearing makeup, but if I do oversleep, I won’t mind going in to school bare-faced.


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