New season, new mindset for Lady Jags soccer

by Hunter Grona| Sports Writer

Coming off their exciting run deep into the playoffs last year, the girls soccer team is ready to challenge themselves to find the same success they discovered last year. The team rode their accomplishments all the way to the State Semi-Finals. The success the team found last season can equate to an added pressure.

“The bar has been set high. My mind set is just one game at a time,” Coach Stracener  said.

With the the season underway, the team looks to grow from last years journey, hoping their success will carry over into the 2012 season. The team looks to put 2011 in the rear view mirror and use the loss in the playoffs as motivation to bring the title home to Johnson this year.

“There’s always pressure because of the success we had last year. Expectations for us to do well each year are always there,” Stracener said.

High expectations are definitely in place for Johnson, despite the loss of 11 seniors.

“We can do it again, we know what we are capable of,” sophomore Caitlin Schwartz said.

There will also be a struggle to keep the players humble while taking each game at a time.

“I remind them it’s a new year, new team. And just remind them to not get caught up in the end of the season, you have to win one game at a time,” Stracener said.

With the past behind, and time and effort put into pre-season, the 2012 girls soccer team is primed to have a successful season. All the experience and emotions from state last year has only made them stronger and more driven for success.

“Expectations for us to do well each year are always there, and we hope to live up to them,” Stracener said.

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