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For those who enjoy listening to alternative  rock bands such as Switchfoot and U2, First Heal, a band composed of mainly Johnson students, has just released their debut LP.

“We just released our first CD called ‘Push Play’ on January 1st, and it has seven songs on it,” senior and drummer Ty Dillon said.

The band has been around for a few years now and has already obtained a good fan base in their hometown.

“I’d say we had a pretty good turnout at our CD release; there was about a hundred people who showed up just for us, so that was nice,” senior and bassist Santiago Vizcarra said.

The majority of the bandmates have known each other since middle school.

“The bassist, the guitarist, and I knew each other since we were in sixth grade at San Antonio Christian School (SACS), and then we all moved to Johnson for high school and started a band,” Dillon said.

Three of the four members of First Heal go to Johnson, while their vocalist has already graduated from high school.

“Our vocalist graduated from Madison about two years ago, and it’s actually kind of funny how we met him. He was playing his guitar and singing on the side of CBC, which is the church we go to, and we just went up to him and asked him if he’d be interested in joining a band, and he said yes,” senior and guitarist, Matt Rodriguez said.

The band experienced overwhelming emotions after releasing their debut LP.

“It was an awesome feeling; it’s hard to describe, but it just felt unbelievable to see all those people there to see your band perform,” Rodriguez said.

First Heal has not only released their first LP, but also had the chance to play with big-name bands.

“We have had the privilege of playing with big bands such as ‘The Dangerous Summer’ and ‘The Morning Of’’,” Vizcarra said.

The band feels that their success has come from multiple sources.

“We wouldn’t have been able to release our first LP if it had not been for our fans and God giving us these talents to play music,” Dillion said.


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Darius Davila is a senior at Johnson high school, this is his second year as being a staff writer for The Pride and he plans to continue to be apart of the Pride for the rest of his high school career. Darius also enjoys creating musical fusion.

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