Alamo Drafthouse offers more than just a theatre

Local movie theatre brings fun for all ages.

By Natalie Allen Arts| Entertainment Editor

It wasn’t a typical school night, sure I had more official business to attend with college applications and acceptances quickly approaching, but I couldn’t resist the temptation of one of my favorite indie-film thrillers. At The Alamo Drafthouse in the Stone Oak shopping center, there are several types of theme nights that people are welcome to partake in. I was fortunate enough to participate in on of my favorite movie’s theme night: “Donnie Darko”.

During every theme night, there is always some sort of quirky type of activity/give-away included. For the “Donnie Darko” night, I had received a pair of light up rabbit ears because of the creepy, bunny-suit wearing character, Frank. I felt like even more of an honorary Darko fan when they called down a couple of audience members to participate in some quick Darko-trivia before the movie started.

Going to the theme night of one of your favorite movies is like going to a new Harry Potter premiere with a bunch of dressed up friends and crying at the end. Everyone there is actually interested in the movie and laughs along to all the same punch-lines. I think what really intrigued me was the movie theater quality of the movie and how much more involved I felt with this traditionally VHS recorded movie. The Drafthouse gives people the chance to experience a classic in extraordinary quality.

The Alamo Drafthouse has plenty of great theme nights coming up. For some nights, there is an 18 years or older requirement, but there are also some pretty great family nights.

Some of the upcoming listings are:

Shrek- Family Fun Night 2/11

Love Bites- Sing-a-long 2/12

The Wedding Singer- 2/14

Horton Hears A Who- Family Fun Night 2/25



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