Boys soccer kicks off new season

by Canaan Freeman| Staff writer

Varsity soccer kicks off the season.

The beginning of the season has kicked off, and varsity boy’s soccer team is looking to succeed this year. Last season was disappointing, ending without a playoff push. But this season is going to be different, for sights are set for a post-district games run.

“We are working hard at the beginning of the season and practicing hard and hopefully that hard work pays off,”sophomore Devlin Gilligan said.

This season looks promising, with more experience than last year along with being able to put in the hard work to accomplish their goals and abilities to make the playoffs. Although they were unable to finish off last season, this new season has players looking to bring about change and trying to become more dominant in district.

“Ever since we have opened we have tried to get to the playoffs; that’s the number one thing for soccer obviously. We would try to be the district champs along the way, but with our district as competitive as it is, we’re still trying to get to that first step and get into the top four,” said Coach South.

In any type of sport, preparations are a big thing in order to accomplish their goals. The types of preparations vary, depending on the type of coach, but for Johnson they try and learn from past years.

“We do a lot of drills and conditioning in order to accomplish our main goal: making it to the playoffs,” said Gilligan.

Expectations are high this season as any other teams are, they want to overcome the top four spots in district even with the difficulties of tough competitors. The biggest goal for this team is the playoffs, which they have always seemed to come up short. But the mindset of the players and coach hasn’t changed.

“We try and fix things from previous seasons and address things to accomplish our ultimate goal to get to the playoffs,” said South.


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