Snack vending machine-good. Contraceptive vending machine- not so good.

by Madelyn Carter| Co-editor-in-chief

We’ve all visited a vending machine before, whether it be for a soda, a snack, or some Proactiv, (yes they really exist). And now, if you go to Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania, you can get morning-after Plan B contraceptives out of a vending machine! Oh thank goodness, because the dream of every woman is to stand in line at the “Oops” machine after a wild night.

If your response was, “what?”, “why?”, or “ew,” other people have the same similar mindset. This is the biggest “go have unprotected sex” symbol in the entire world. This vending machine literally says, “look how easy we made it for you, to not face any repercussions for your actions.”

Where will it end? When did we cross the line from when our parents were kids that discouraged unprotected fornication? I don’t think we’re ever going back. Sadly, I think this is only the beginning. More and more colleges will implement this “sex is okay” machine onto their campuses making it more challenging for other campuses to stand strong against the idea.

Why give students false hope that they can erase what happened with Plan B? It may stop you from getting pregnant, but it can’t stop the emotional damage that comes with sleeping around. If I were the Chancellor of Shippensburg University, I would’ve made a Plan A vending machine, that dispenses pamphlets about STDs and DVDs of Teen Mom. That right there is pregnancy prevention.


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About The Author

Madelyn Carter is senior at Johnson High School. She is a part of the varsity soccer team, Jags for Jesus, and senior class officers. She loves Jesus, America, Kristen Wiig, and German chocolate cake. She loves being Editor-in-chief of the Pride online!

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