The Band Perry rocks their first rodeo

by Madelyn Carter| Co-editor-in-cheif

The Perrys from left to right- Neil, Kimberly, and Reid.

What’s better than a country family band with gypsy style and beautiful lyrics? Not much when you’re talking about quality rodeo entertainment.

The Band Perry rocked the AT&T center last night with their hometown feel and humble performance. The few songs they played weren’t too recognized by the audience, for the band is newly popular. They transitioned into songs that weren’t their own, showing their true wide-range of musical ability from ‘American Pie’ to ‘Free Fallin’’ to ‘Amazing Grace.’

Their recent top-charter, ‘All Your Life’, sent cheers through the roof. Being their first rodeo concert and first time to play in San Antonio, the band was eager to sing their popular songs with such a huge audience.

Kimberly Perry, lead singer of the band, had a pitch-perfect voice that sounded even better live than on their records. Her brothers, Neil and Reid, strummed away on their bass and mandolin, and Neil even contributed some singing on their rendition of ‘Fat-Bottomed Girls’.

Ending the concert with their best songs, ‘You Lie’, and ‘If I Die Young,’ The Band Perry left San Antonio defiantly wanting them back at future rodeos to come.

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