Leap year tradition encourages girls to go for it

By Kaitlin Brandt | Staff Writer

Once every four years, February 29 comes along. And along with the leap year comes a long-held tradition called ladies choice ,where it is said that, in the spirit of a different sort of year, women should should try something different and take a chance. Under ladies choice, a girl is encouraged to propose to a guy, or to ask him out. However, the jarring of tradition tends to leave a sour taste in the mouths of some romantics.

“Girl’s shouldn’t ask guys out. Guys should ask the girls out, because they are supposed to wear the pants in the relationship,” senior Leah Badri said. “I feel like if a girl were to ask a guy out and get shot down, her confidence would be gone. Whereas if a guy were to ask and get shot down, he’ll just move onto the next girl.”

It may be unsurprising that many girls did not approve of asking guys out. Most are accustomed to the idea that it’s up to the guy to make the first move.

“A girl asking a guy out is weird. In my opinion, it’s not right.It’s a traditional thing for  guy to ask out a girl. If a girl asked me out, I don’t what I would say, because if I liked her I would have already asked her out,” senior Michael Marinos said.

It may be an odd to think about- girls proposing to boys- but nowadays, it isn’t that uncommon. If you’re feeling the spirit of the leap year, perhaps this is your time to take a chance on that special someone; if, after all, it is the right person.

“It all depends on the situation,” senior Maddie Campbell said. “If a girl likes a boy who’s also expressing interest, she should ask him out. There may be cases where the guy is too shy or unsure about her feelings and he’s waiting for her to make the first move. Either way, if you know he likes you, you have no reason not to go for it.”






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