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Sophomore Makaela De La Garza is one of the many Belles vying for a spot on Johnson's varsity dance team.

One of the most most important aspects of the year for Johnson spirit will be conducting and participating in tryouts in the next few weeks. The dance team is ridiculously hard to make, with many different grade levels trying out.

“We have 19 seniors graduating this year, so thats about how many new girls we will be taking [for varsity],” said senior Miranda Paredes.

The girls have two days to memorize a routine for the tryouts, filed with different skills and techniques for evaluation by the chosen judges.

“We have one day where we mock the whole tryout process and then the next day we try out for real” said Paredes.

The process can be very nerve racking for the students, but they don’t try out in front of their future potential coaches. The seniors help judge for mock tryout day, before the actual judging begins, to provide critiques before the big day.

“We try out in front of an anonymous panel of judges, who are usually our coach’s dance experienced friends” said Paredes.

Tryouts will take place in two weeks, the first week for junior varsity, and the following week for the varsity team.

“Even though I’m not trying out because I’m a senior, I’m nervous for the girls who are.” said Paredes with a grin.


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