Students give some STAAR test feedback

Darius Davila| Staff Writer

This week, the freshmen took the anticipated STAAR test for the first time. Some students already have negative views about this new STAAR test and it’s length.

“The STAAR test was really easy, but it took me four hours. I don’t like STAAR at all, mostly because of the length,

STAAR testing brings mixed results as students take it for the first time.

because it was harder to stay up than it was to actually test,” freshman Nick Jersin said.

Despite some students’ opinion of the STAAR test being the same difficulty level as the TAKS test, others feel that the STAAR was more difficult.

“For me the STAAR test was harder than the TAKS test, but overall the STAAR test was pretty easy. However I prefer to take the TAKS test, and wish we had it back because it’s less stressful,” freshman Tanner Jones said.

Although the STAAR test is a test over content the students learned that year, some feel that they were somewhat unprepared for the STAAR.

“I was better prepared to take the TAKS test because I grew up with it and have been preparing for it since middle school. We should return to taking the TAKS,” freshman Justin Checchin said.

Students have opinions on how taking the STAAR test can be improved.

“Next time we take the STAAR test, we need to have snack breaks and have less amount of time to finish the test,” Jersin said.

Despite some negative comments there is some positive feedback for the new test.

“The STAAR test, in a way, helped me more because it was over content we learned that year,” Jones said.

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