by Molly Brodhacker| Staff Writer

As warmer weather rolls around, the colder weather clothes are gone and I could not be more excited. Hopefully we have finally seen the last of this “how much Native American print can I wear at once” fad, as well as the ever classy legging and tight shirt trend. Spring is bringing in a bold fresh new look of pastel colors, structured designs, and color blocking. Say goodbye to the ever slipping off your shoulder, stomach revealing whimsy shirt you secretly hate.

Women’s men’s shirts: Not a typo actually, these shirts are the new trend. Sleekly structured with buttons and a collar, but made in feminine fabric like silk with pastel colors and simple patterns (polka dots). This style shirt is extremely flattering because it fits nicely through the shoulders and is looser in the midsection, while still having adequate length.

White Jeans: No white after labor day.., but for now it’s totally in. White jeans look crisp and fresh for spring. We’re seeing them commonly paired with the women’s mens shirts, and wedges. These jeans look best skinny, at about ankle length (commonly called cigarette jeans).

Ombre dip dye denim: Probably my favorite new trend, this fabric process is most commonly seen in high waisted shorts with frayed edges. Ombre is the subtle fading of one color to another, it’s a beautiful effect that resembles a rainbow or sunset.

Studs: It’s almost like the 99’ punk Avril Lavigne-phase but done so much classier. These metal studs can be seen commonly on jean pockets, short pockets, and leather bags. The best part about this trend is that it’s totally a DIY project if you’re crafty.

Chunky wedges: All the height of stilettos, with the added stability of a wedge. These shoes are the best of both worlds, with fun floral prints, and commonly in color blocking. Wooden wedges are going to become more and more popular as well.

Pastel colors: While last spring neon colors were the best, this spring pastel colors are stepping in (and the headaches from neon yellow are out). These soft colors are flattering on anyone, and look so much more elegant. I’m so excited to walk down the hall and not see human highlighters anymore, instead to see a beautiful palette of pastels.

Animal patterns: Not to be mistaken for animal print! Animal pattern meaning little bunnies or elephants in a pattern, making for an adorable shirt or scarf. It seems the owl and sparrow trend may have flown out with fall, revealing the new “trendy” animal, now seen on rings, shirts and necklaces: the octopus.

Spring fashion is going to usher in a new line of classy, modern fashion, full of colors and lacking feathers and zig-zags. While we may loose some of our favorite staple items, (lace shirts, animal print shoes, and feather earrings), the new season will surely bring more favorites.

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Senior Molly Brodhacker has an obsession with german shepherds and the beach. She is enjoying her first year on the staff, and second year living in the Lone Star state.

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