Cirque de Lumiere: Prom 2012

The very elegant looking JW Marriot

by Felicia De Innocentiis | Staff Writer

From the moment she was inaugurated as president of the Junior Class Officers, Alexa Uribe has had prom on the brain, trying to figure how to execute it with even greater splendor than the preceding year.

“I’ve been thinking about prom since summertime, since before school got out and the day I was elected I was thinking about prom,” Uribe said,“With themes, thinking is everything it takes a lot of preparation.”

Uribe and the rest of the junior class officers are straying far away from the 2011 James Bond theme. They are exchanging modern for vintage.

“We were looking at [themes] that were like foreign I guess, but we were already doing Night on the Nile [for Homecoming] and somehow the circus theme came up…and it became Cirque du Lumier which is “Circus of Lights.” It’s french so it’ll have the vintage lights and the circus,” junior Class Historian Erin Orozco said.

The theme was inspired by the 2011 film Water for Elephants, and the JCO is spending a lot of time and resources in order to turn the hosting JW Marriott into a ring from Barnum and Bailey.

“The DJ’s going to be good, and this big tent is going over the dance floor,” Orozco said.

A repeated complaint over last year’s decorations was mostly concerning the lighting. After multiple complaints from prom patrons about the blinding lights, Uribe promises a solution.

“Lights are going to be off this year. We’re only going to have accent lighting,” Uribe said.

The theme’s color scheme is also going to be reminiscent of a classic circus. The officers and sponsor, english teacher Peggy Williams, collaborated on vintage, antique primaries.

“Our colors this year, since it’s going to be a vintage circus, are red and blue, all our colors are faded and more vintage looking. The blue I like, [it’s called] wedgwood or country blue. It’s not a color people use anymore. It’s not Johnson light blue, it’s deep light blue. Very deep. So we’re having trouble finding the color,” Williams said.

The officers and sponsors are trying to be as discreet as possible when it comes to certain entertainment aspects. Uribe confirms that there will be a special guest DJ, whose name will remain disclosed, and more wondrous performances to come.

“To a point it is secret because we want it to be a big surprise,” Uribe said.

The 2012 Cirque du Lumier will be held at the JW Marriott on May 5. Students should be sure to buy their bids as soon as possible and be prepared to be amazed.

“We have an amazing DJ this year. Everyone’s going to be really surprised, and I’m just really excited about what people think and hope they all like it as much as we do,” Uribe said.


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