Winter guard brings home ninth in the nation

by Ali Valdez | Staff writer

Winter Guard impressed the nation once again, placing ninth in the world. It’s obvious that this accomplishment required countless hours of hard work and dedication, which is exactly what the Johnson Winter Guard did to prepare for a season of success.

“We got there by practicing twelve hours a day,” junior Libby Roach said.

There were many different winter guard teams from all over the world competing in Dayton, Ohio.

Winter Guard teammates practice for their national competition located in Idaho.

“You have a sense of pride when they call your name for finals because there are so many teams that don’t make it,” junior Kelsey Edison said.

This win was just another thing to add to winter guard’s list of accomplishments.

“It’s a tremendous honor especially since we’re only a 4-year school,” Edison said.

The team made the most of the slim amount of spare time they had with things such as theme nights.

“Our room had theme nights. The first night was animal night, the second was rave night, and the third was apron night,” junior Sam Harris said.

Winter guard had plenty of hours to bond with one another on their 24-hour charter bus ride.

“We were on a bus for twenty four hours together so you get to know each other pretty well,” Roach said.

Team chemistry is a very important aspect of the Johnson winter guard.

“We all got along and there really wasn’t any drama,” Harris said.

When the team was called for finals, everyone, including all of the adults involved throughout the season, felt an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

“After our performance, everyone was in tears for knowing that the job that needed to be done was accomplished,” Roach said.


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