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If you’ve walked through the main foyer lately, you’ve definitely seen it, and chances are you’ve heard of it too. The new banner in the main foyer is covered in signatures, all students pledging to not bully, in the new “no room for hate” campaign.

“We’ve had lots of students pledge to stop bullying,” counselor Mrs.Elliot said.

Seniors Ryder Burke (left), Austin Carson (right), and Cohner Mokry (not photographed) team up to become a mega-force to put an end to bulling, known as the "Bully-Guards."

This movement was started by counselor Carrie Elliott in lieu of the “Bully Guards” she created. Bully Guards (who consist of the three students Austin Carson, Cohner Mohkry, Ryder Burke,who happen to be football players,) had so much success that the school has moved forward with anti-bullying tolerance.

“The bully guards worked so well that now the boys will walk up to anyone and be friends with them,” Elliot said .

By signing the pledge students promise to not bully other students, or let it happen in front of them. The administration is taking on a new policy of no tolerance for bullying. The startling statistic of 25% of students being bullied while be visible this week when approximately 600 of our students (roughly 25% of our school population) will wear a shirt representing the bullied.

“I signed the pledge because it’s about time something is done about bullying,”senior Baylie Braverman, said.

A lot of students have signed the pledge, but some aren’t fully convinced on the students who have signeds sincerity to the promise.

“I’ve seen tons of names on the poster, I just hope that all the students who signed it can keep up their end of the deal, it would turn out great if they did,” senior Kevin Garwood said .

The changes around school are almost tangible and students are starting to notice.

“Everyone seems more aware, I think people are starting to think before they speak,” Braverman said.

While the school will continue to work on the bullying epidemic and ways to protect students, there is a clear message to the bullies themself.

“What we want everyone to know is that the administration now has a no tolerance policy for bullying” said Elliot.


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