by Molly Brodhacker | Staff writer

This year’s graduating class of 2012 had an extremely large amount of achievements that were honored Tuesday at the senior awards ceremony. The awards given out with for academics, athletic and the teacher’s choice Jaguar Award.

“The Jaguar Award is very special, because the students who receive it aren’t always the Summa students, but they try hard and contribute good attitudes,” Devon Lee, Dean of science, said.

Students graduating with Summa, Magna or Cum Laude received their cords that they are to wear during graduation. Summa graduates received a gold cord, Magnas a lavender cord and Cums received a baby blue cord.

“It will be cool to have a little something extra to wear at graduation,” senior Baylie Braverman said.

The ceremony that started at 7pm went to about 9pm due to the large amounts of students graduating with honors, approximately 67% of the senior class. The students who received scholarships had their names read along with all scholarships they recieved.

Besides academic awards, there were also other honors given out, including athletic awards.  Carnae Dillard and Cohner Mokry won the prestigious athlete of the year. And the very impressive award for perfect attendance was presented to Christian Chavez.

“I was so shocked when they said my name,” senior Carnae Dillard said.

For the students who attended the award ceremony it was a materialization of their hard work over the four years.

“Its finally becoming real that the end is near, it’s so great,” senior Lauren Arsena said with a grin.

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