by Molly Brodhacker | Staff writer

This summer, there is a perfect suit for everyone’s style and body shape. Swimsuits can either be very flattering or, well, not so flattering. By knowing your body type and embracing what you have, you can find a suit to make sure you look your best at the beach.

Busty: If you are a lady who is a little top heavy, try a bikini top with some underwire support, this will help prevent the “Bay Watch” effect when running on the beach. Stick with normal bikini bottoms in bright colors and floral patterns.

Full hips: Ladies with curves can rock a bikini with a vintage flair. Find a two piece with eye catching detail on top, and find bottoms with an arched leg line. Embellished bandeaus can add attention to the top.

Tomboy body: For girls who may not have the curves like those above, there is an easy way to imitate it through your choice in swimsuit. Bunched bottoms on the side will make the hips a focal point and create a waistline.

Long torso: Long athletic bodies require a more girly cut swimsuit. A string triangle bikini with ruffles will look great on someone thin cut.

Besides the choices in shapes for swimsuits, your color choice is also vital. Choosing the right color for your skin tone is important so it doesnt wash you out, or look too vivid.

Medium-light skin tones: With paler skin you’ll need a deep earth tone such as red or plum. Avoid black and gray.

Medium-dark skin tones: Bright colors will pop on your tanned skin, such as jewel tones and purples. Stay away from colors of beige and muted greens.

Very light-freckled skin tones: Shades of darker green and jewel blue wil look great on you. Whatever you do, don’t suit up in yellow or orange.

Dark skin tones: Sweet spring pastels will look stunning on you, such as soft pinks, lavender and light gray. Avoid brown, white and orange.

Olive skin tones: Luckily you can pull off the most versatile of all, black! Along with pale blue, coral and kelly green. Opt out for black, gray and mustard.

With all the options available this summer there is no way you can’t go to the beach looking your best.

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Senior Molly Brodhacker has an obsession with german shepherds and the beach. She is enjoying her first year on the staff, and second year living in the Lone Star state.

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